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Introduction to Aomori

Message from the Governor

Our Aomori prefecture is surrounded by the sea on three sides, blessed with beautiful and grand natural resources like the Shirakami Sanchi (Natural World Heritage Site) and Lake Towada, and has given birth to and raised distinguished arts, culture, and industry.
Aomori prefecture is promoting regional development that is self-directed and independent, one that utilizes the resources Aomori is endowed with, to create the future ideal of Aomori prefecture, a "living creation society" that does not take second place to any other in terms of ease of living.
While continuing to work on the major priority issues of the prefecture, which include industry and employment along with invaluable human resource development, we will utilize the regional power that is unique to Aomori prefecture, the diverse resources it is endowed with including its invaluable human resources, as well as its networks. I believe this "Aomori Power", will combine to truly realize a "living creation society."
I hope that this website will introduce the many wonders of Aomori prefecture, and further your understanding about the efforts being done to create a new Aomori prefecture.
Governor of Aomori Prefecture
Shingo Mimura

Daily Monitoring Results of Environmental Radiation

Profile of Aomori Prefecture

Aomori Prefecture map
  • Location of Aomori Prefecture

Aomori prefecture is located between 40°12' N. to 41°33' N. latitude and 139°30' E. to 141° 41' E. longitude at the northern most point of the Japanese main island of Honshu. It is roughly located at the same latitude as New York, Beijing, Rome, and Madrid.


  • Climate of Aomori Prefecture

Aomori prefecture is surrounded by the sea on three sides and the Ou Mountain Range located in the center of the prefecture divides into two, creating a topography of complicated land and marine features, resulting in a climate that can vary highly depending upon the areas within the prefecture.
A good example of these differences can be seen in the heavy snowfall in the Tsugaru region during winter, and the easterlies known as "Yamase" that primarily develop around the Pacific Ocean side of the prefecture in the summer.
In typical winter conditions, cold humid air collides with the Ou Mountain Range, causing snowfall in the Tsugaru region, while the areas along the Pacific Ocean side of the prefecture are shut off from this air due to the Ou Mountain Range, creating many sunny and dry days in these areas.
In the summer, the cool humid easterly known as "Yamase" creates many days of low temperature and high humidity along the Pacific Ocean side.
The seasonal changes are pronounced, with each season offering a different beauty of nature to enjoy.


  • Climate of Aomori City (location of the Aomori Prefectural Government) (2011)

 Average Temperature: 10.6 degrees Celsius
 Highest: 35.6 degrees Celsius
 Lowest -9.6 degrees Celsius
 Annual Precipitation: 1,570.5 mm
 Annual Snowfall: 693 cm
 Deepest Accumulation: 130 cm


International Exchange

Aomori prefecture has signed affiliation agreements with four regions in four different countries, and is proceeding with cultural and economic exchange activities utilizing the unique qualities of each region.

  • 01 / The State of Santa Catarina, Federative Republic of Brazil
    (Sister State since October 23, 1980)

The State of Santa Catarina
Population: approximately 5,900,000
Area: approximately 96,000 square km
Climate: mild with rainy seasons and dry seasons and snow fall in some areas.
Industries: agriculture, dairy farming, mining and manufacturing.

The State of Santa Catarina is located in the south of Brazil, its east coast borders the Atlantic Ocean, and it shares it western border with Argentina. The capital, Florianópolis, is located on Santa Catarina Island, a resort area with over 100 beaches. It also has the highest production of apples in Brazil, a large diary and cattle industry, the largest coalmine in the country, and is also said to be most industrially developed state in Brazil.


  • 02 / The Region of Khabarovsk, Russian Federation
    (Sister Region since August 28, 1992)

The Region of Khabarovsk
Population: approximately 1,400,000
Area: approximately 787,000 square km
Climate: moonsoon with tundra regions in the north.
Industries: machinery, metal-working, chemical, foodstuffs, wood processing.

Khabarovsk is located in the Far East of Russia and borders the Sea of Japan. The capital city of Khabarovsk is an economic and cultural center of the Far East of Russia, with many charming stone buildings from the days of the Russian Empire. With rich natural and timber resources, Khabarovsk is the most industrialized area of Russia's Far East.


  • 03 / The State of Maine, the United States of America
    (Sister State since May 25, 1994)

The State of Maine Population: approximately 1,320,000 people
Area: approximately 91,000 square km
Climate: humid continental.
Industries: agriculture, forestry, fisheries.

Approximately 80% of the state is covered in forest, and the state has an approximately 6,000 km long complex coastline that is beautiful, making Maine a popular and refreshing oceanside destination during the hot summer months. Maine is also world renowned for its lobster, to the extent that Maine serves as a namesake for lobster, and the state has a flourishing blueberry and paper industry.


  • 04 / The Region of Liguria, Republic of Italy
    (Sister Region since May 7, 2002)

The Region of Liguria Population: 1,760,000
Area: approximately 5,400 square km
Climate: Mediterranean.
Industries: agriculture, tourism.

The capital of Genoa is one of Italy's largest port cities, and makes up one corner of the Italian industrial triangle zone.
Its beautiful coastline is also called the Italian Riviera. The town of Portovenere, the villages of Cinque Terre and the surrounding islands, as well as Genoa are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, famous for their beautiful scenery.


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