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Symbols of Aomori Prefecture

Prefectural Emblem (adopted in 1961)

Prefectural Flag A graphical representation of the geographic shape of the prefecture.
The white background represents the boundlessness of the world and universe, and the deep green color of the emblem represents the future and hope for great progress and development.


Prefectural Flower: Apple Blossom (adopted in 1971)

Apple Blossom Chosen in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Aomori Prefectural Government.
Aomori boasts the highest production of apples in Japan. The apple blossoms bloom from early to middle May. The people of the prefecture have a special affinity with these beautiful white blossoms.


Prefectural Tree: Hiba (Cypress) (adopted in 1966)

Broad-leaved arborvitae The Hiba trees (Thujopsis dolabrata var. hondai) of Aomori, known as "hinoki asunaro", posses a strong vitality and withstand the strong winds and heavy snowfalls of winter.


Prefectural Fish: Lefteye Flatfish/Flounder (adopted in 1987)

Flounder The lefteye flatfish is a symbol of Aomori prefecture and its wild stock enhancement based fisheries.


Prefectural Bird: Whooper Swan (adopted in 1964)

Swan The swan is a familiar symbol to the people of the prefecture as a harbinger of winter.



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