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Organization and Operations of the Aomori Prefectural Government

The prefectural government is made up of a decision-making body and an executive body in order to carry out the administration of the prefecture.
The decision-making body is the prefectural assembly, which is compromised of assembly members elected directly by the citizens of the prefecture, and makes decisions regarding important basic policies of the prefecture, including approval of the budget and the enactment of ordinances.
The executive body is made up of the governor and various administrative commissions and they serve to carry out administration of the prefecture in accordance with the decisions made by the prefectural assembly.

Organization of the Prefectural Assembly

The prefectural assembly (48 seats) is made up of assembly members that are elected every 4 years from 16 electoral districts in the prefecture, in the same way that the governor is elected. The prefectural assembly convenes to hold regular sessions 4 times a year in June, September, November, and February in addition to extraordinary sessions that may be held.

Organization of the Prefectural Assembly


Organization of the Governor's Administration

The governor carries out administration of the prefecture in accordance to the decisions made by the prefectural assembly, and has vice governors to assist him in this task, and under them there are departments, bureaus, divisions, and offices, etc. which divide up duties and each handle specific responsibilities.
In addition to this, each area of the prefecture has a local district administration office and other local agencies in order to carry out work that is closely involved with the area.

Organization of the Governors Administration


Organization of Administrative Commissions

In order to promote democratic public administration, various types of administrative commissions are established independently from the Governor and are composed of persons from each area that represent the prefectural citizens, and each has its own secretariat.

Organization of Administrative Commissions


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